Source code for paco.thunk

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import asyncio
from .assertions import assert_corofunction

[docs]def thunk(coro): """ A thunk is a subroutine that is created, often automatically, to assist a call to another subroutine. Creates a thunk coroutine which returns coroutine function that accepts no arguments and when invoked it schedules the wrapper coroutine and returns the final result. See Wikipedia page for more information about Thunk subroutines: Arguments: value (coroutinefunction): wrapped coroutine function to invoke. Returns: coroutinefunction Usage:: async def task(): return 'foo' coro = paco.thunk(task) await coro() # => 'foo' await coro() # => 'foo' """ assert_corofunction(coro=coro) @asyncio.coroutine def wrapper(): return (yield from coro()) return wrapper